Monday, May 17, 2010

Reflection of SST Journey Jan-May 2010(YuChong)

The past 5 months of my time in SST has been an enjoyable and unique experience. I have learnt many things in a very fun way when I was in SST. The activities that I have done is very fun and I have enjoyed them a lot. The people I have met in SST are nice and friendly people that have assisted me when I need help. The first Term has been very different from the second term. I have learnt important lessons and skills such as, teamwork is very important in working in a group. I have also learnt many skills such as presentation skills and the different subjects equipped me with the skills that I need.

Lee YuChong (17) S1-09

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Group Photo

Tim's first 5 months in SST

During the 5 months, I have been learning how to use the learning device and now I also konw extra keyboard tricks.
The new syllabus is considerably more complicated and interesting than in primary school. I have a bit of difficulty in completing homework punctually.
I been able to get along with my classmates though I have trouble acquiring friends.
Overall, this time in SST has been enriching.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Reflection on the first few months in SST

First few months since I stepped into the premises of SST, the atmosphere it gave me had been very welcoming. The teachers were very approachable and friendly. The school truly showcase learning styles that fitted me well. The hands on learning was also a good way to acquire knowledge. My fellow students were friendly too. They were very on-task too. I have accomplished a lot with them in school work. Of course, I have faced a few difficulties in memorizing the learnt information from lessons, but that can be improved by more hard work. Despite the fact there are a few flaws in SST's students(e.g. attitude.etc), we can still be better. All we need to push ourselves!

Hardy Shein Nyein Chan

My Reflection for the past 5 months in SST (Preston)

  So far, besides academic reflections, I have learnt that teamwork is very important, especially when we need to work as a team for projects. This would not only result in great grades, but also we get to strengthen our friendship and get to know each other better.
  I also realized that our school is using real life situations as problems for us to solve, which is most probably what other normal secondary schools are not doing. I feel that this is a great way of learning as the school is preparing us for the real world, and to make sure that we are ready for the real world when we reach Sec. 4. 
  When teachers teach, they are kind, caring, and keen on teaching us. They also try to joke with us at some times. We are literally friends with our teachers! But when it comes to teaching, we listen and learn together as a class.
  Overall, my experience in SST could not be compared to my other friends in other secondary schools. SST is the best!


The Reflection (Si Yuan's edition)

This is how I felt during the pass 5 months in SST.
I was very happy when I managed to get into SST and was also very excited to go to SST when it was one day before school started. When school started, I felt very happy as I made alot of new friends and we do not have alot of homework :) But that period did not last for long. Immediately a few weeks after the orientation week, we started to have some homework but not alot and that is one thing that I like about SST, and that is that we do not have alot of home works.
I also just knew that our school uses real life situations as situations for us to solve, which I think most normal secondary schools will not do. This will also help me prepare for my 'O' level examination at the end of my Secondary school's life. The teachers in SST is also very kind and caring and whenever you meet a problem, you could ask them any questions when you are need to. The teachers in SST also tries to make our lesson as fun as possible by joking and giving us animations to watch to learn science and other subjects. The teacher also allow us play some educational games for learning but they strictly allow non-educational gaming and facebooking.
Overall, I think that SST cannot be compared with the other normal secondary schools that some of my primary school friends are in today. To me, SST is the BEST !!!

Si Yuan

Rayner's Reflection About His First 5 Months in SST!

Hi, I'm Rayner of class S1-09.

My first 5 months in SST were filled with many ups and downs, I had loads of adventures with my friends. And I enjoyed most of the activities. Some of the activities were very dry and quite boring. Others were fun and I didn't want to stop doing it.

The 1st week was awkward as I didn't knew any of them. The Camp was fun but exhausting and I didn't quite like the camp instructor(Rio). He was very very very bossy and thought that he had so much power and could make us sleep in the mud(there was a night trail and it was thick with vegetation, he said that if we wouldn't follow instructions he would make us sleep there). First of all, if we got lost they will be killed by the students parents, so he wouldn't have done it at all.

The 2nd week we had our first real lessons. It was tough getting my engine started again after the long holidays. But I managed to pull it of and was getting into a study rhythm. There was also a Badge Ceremony and the whole class put in a lot of effort and time into it and we also had a lot of fun setting up the room. It was an enjoyable experience.

The rest of term 1 was quite normal. We chose our CCA(I chose soccer), we had some tests and we also had fun as well! =D

The first week or term 2 was unexpected. The school held this event called 'Leap Week'. The whole school went out of the school compound on outings and places like the Red Dot museum and the Singapore Science Center. We attended many workshops. Most were fun while some were a bit dry... Overall it was a good learning experience.

The Common test was stressful for me as I was very nervous before taking the exam. The Chinese and English paper was very very very difficult for me, they are my worst two subjects after all. The Science paper was quite challenging. The maths... THE MATHS PAPER!!! I almost had no time to finish it! I had only about 10-30s left for both papers when I finished it.

The whole of term 2 was a different experience from term 1 altogether. We had our NAPFA test(which I only did halfway due to injury), we also had our Track and Field Meet which Black house came second(I'm the Black house captain), though I didn't went to as I had a cramp in my left calf and cost me my ability to walk to school that day.

This is a very very very brief summary of my very interesting and enjoyable first 5 months in SST! =D

Rayner Tan