Monday, May 10, 2010

The Reflection (Si Yuan's edition)

This is how I felt during the pass 5 months in SST.
I was very happy when I managed to get into SST and was also very excited to go to SST when it was one day before school started. When school started, I felt very happy as I made alot of new friends and we do not have alot of homework :) But that period did not last for long. Immediately a few weeks after the orientation week, we started to have some homework but not alot and that is one thing that I like about SST, and that is that we do not have alot of home works.
I also just knew that our school uses real life situations as situations for us to solve, which I think most normal secondary schools will not do. This will also help me prepare for my 'O' level examination at the end of my Secondary school's life. The teachers in SST is also very kind and caring and whenever you meet a problem, you could ask them any questions when you are need to. The teachers in SST also tries to make our lesson as fun as possible by joking and giving us animations to watch to learn science and other subjects. The teacher also allow us play some educational games for learning but they strictly allow non-educational gaming and facebooking.
Overall, I think that SST cannot be compared with the other normal secondary schools that some of my primary school friends are in today. To me, SST is the BEST !!!

Si Yuan

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